Let me add my own personal view in what forest bathing (Shinrin yoku) is.

Forest bathing is a playful, slow and childlike exploration of the woodland surroundings with all our senses.

It is in our genetic makeup from literally millions of years spent in the forests of the world.

I always feel humble and in awe of nature and the millions of years it has taken to produce the setting I am immersed in. I am experiencing a snapshot of time, aware of its uniqueness which I am able to observe like I have never seen it before.

What you will do is reconnect by slowly letting the woodland be the therapist.

My role is as a bridge or a conduit between you and the woodland with a series of short suggestions called Invitations where with my experience of understanding and interpreting the possibilities, I will guide you in a fun yet deep connection with the woodland utilising one or more of your senses